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Boutique Cannabis Curing System

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Automated Cannabis Curing jars

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Commercial Cannabis Curing Systems

Commercial Cannabis Curing Systems

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Natural 100% Organic Growing

All-In-One Planting Amendment

Boreal Powerplant

All-In-One Planting Amendment

Carriboost Microbiology

Beneficial Plant and Soil Bacterium

Food-grade microorganisms that boosts growth


Traditional Jar, Tote, Bin or Bag Cannabis Curing

Traditional Jar, Tote, Bin or Bag Cannabis Curing employed by growers require daily flipping and fluffing to expose the bottom product to the air and protect against mold during the curing and burping process. This constant product manipulation removes external trichomes from the buds, reducing the product final visual appeal. For commercial growers, this requires significant resources. For home growers, it's a task that ties you to your home for a full month.

Boreal Cannabis Curing Systems free you from old school curing techniques while improving quality.

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