Increase germination rates by 40%

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Wake Them Up!

For Old and Stubborn seeds

SuperGerm is a combination of different growth hormones that plants normally create in very low concentrations. An exact mix of Gibberellins (GA), Alpha Amylase (AA), Abscisic Acid (ABA) and vitamins penetrate seed to overcome seed dormancy and kick start early growth.

SuperGerm is safe and 100% organic. Farmers use a variant of SuperGerm to increase seed germination and plant inter nodal spacing, thereby increasing silage yields for feed, or to decrease inter nodal spacing to keep some crops short for protection against wind damage while maintaining seed yields (wheat, oats, etc).

Because SuperGerm is so powerful at stimulating excess growth, it's important to not over use it. SuperGerm can bring on life, but if over used can also take it away. Never use more than directed.

SuperGerm is a perfect blend of natural plant growth and germination hormones that kick start germination and speed growth.

14 year old seed germination side-by-side test.
Without SuperGerm

With SuperGerm
Boreal SuperGerm Germination Hormones
$25 - 30ml SuperGerm Concentrate
Two Year Shelf Life


 - Use one third (1/3) dropper to one cup of RO water.
   Do NOT use a stronger mixture.
 - Soak seeds for 48 hours.
 - Wet a paper towel with the same water.
 - Transfer the seeds onto the paper towel.
 - Put the paper towel (with seeds) into a zip-lock bag.
 - Put zip-lock bag on a warm surface.

Optimal germination heat is 80f. Check on seeds every 48 hours.

Germination Test Follow up

The SuperGerm sample was forgotten for 3 extra days. This is the result.
Without SuperGerm - Follow up

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